New Build Plumbing

Plumbing Air Admittance Valves (AAVs) and External Plumbing Vent Products for New Build Applicationsnew-build-house-studor

The ByStudor range of plumbing AAVs and external plumbing vent products is suitable for all new build domestic applications and is guaranteed for the life of the plumbing ventilation system (they may also be retrofitted to resolve drainage ventilation problems).

ByStudor plumbing AAVs and external plumbing vent products should be on every plumber’s parts list for new installations. Specifying ByStudor products not only provides an efficient and trouble-free installation, but can also lead to significant savings: less pipework, no roof penetration and simpler fitting will lead to much reduced installation time, and much improved installations, helping you to win more projects.

Our plumbing ventilation system drainage products include:

Handi-Vent 4 – a compact, high functioning AAV for drainage ventilation.
External AAV kit – an AI rated AAV with an Aluminium Cover – approved for external installation.
Trap-Vent – a combined trap and AAV for group venting with a compact design.
Tec-Vent – a specialist flame retardant AAV.
Maxi-Filtra – a practical two-way vent for external drainage systems and septic tanks.

For further information about our plumbing AAVs and external plumbing vent products, please refer to our product guides and instruction sheets, contact us today, or visit Studor’s website.*

*not including the Handi-Vent 4