Air Admittance Valves (AAVs) for Active Venting of Drainage Systems

Drainage design and soil waste within buildings is of high importance, which is why Studor has developed an innovative range of drainage ventilation products; AAVs provide active venting to suit any domestic drainage system, whether for a new or existing building, and the Maxi-Filtra is a two-way vent utilising a charcoal filter to eliminate bad smells.


The concept is simple – by providing plumbing ventilation within drainage systems, the ByStudor products will prevent the loss of water seals in traps, and hence stop bad odours from escaping.

What is an AAV?

Air Admittance Valves, commonly referred to as AAVs, are negative pressure-activated, one-way vents, used for air venting in drainage systems to eliminate the need for passive pipe venting and unsightly, costly roof penetrations. Where there is a discharge of waste water within any drainage system, it will cause an AAV to open at the ‘Point of Need’. This is to release a vacuum and allow air to enter the plumbing vent pipe, thus balancing the pressure so the drainage system can function correctly.

Why install an AAV?

•  Protects the trap seals, preventing smelly sewer gases from contaminating the building.
•  Provides flexibility as less consideration needs to be given to vent pipes and pipe lengths.
•  Eliminates unnecessary pipework, saving money in time and materials.
•  Reduces roof and surface penetrations, saving money.
•  Eliminates the risk of water leakages and reduce heat loss.
•  Installation point provides an ideal access point for rodding.
•  Minimises working at heights.

Why install the Maxi-Filtra?

The Maxi-Filtra stops bad odours from escaping from outdoor applications such as septic tanks. This makes it suitable for use anywhere that these smells are undesirable, such as in the garden or near a window, etc.

Our ventilation drainage product range includes:

Handi-Vent 4 – a compact, high functioning AAV for drainage ventilation.
External AAV kit – an AI rated AAV with an Aluminium Cover – approved for external installation.
Trap-Vent– a combined trap and AAV for group venting with a compact design.
Tec-Vent – a specialist flame retardant AAV.
Maxi-Filtra – a practical two-way vent for external drainage systems.

For further information about our Air admittance Valve (AAV) product range, please refer to our product guides, case studies and instruction sheets or contact us today or visit Studor’s website.*

*not including the Handi-Vent 4.