Retro Fitting

Eliminate Drainage Odours, Smells & Noises with ByStudor Solutions

Retro Fitting - Drainage VentingByStudor products will help you solve the problem of internal and external drainage smells with easy-to-retrofit solutions. They are also ideal where noisy systems and gurgling toilets/basins are a problem and wherever water is being siphoned from traps in basins, sinks, baths, etc.

Our retrofit drainage smell solutions include:

Handi-Vent 4 – a compact, high functioning AAV for drainage ventilation.
External AAV kit – an AI rated AAV with an Aluminium Cover – approved for external installation.
Trap-Vent – a combined trap and AAV for group venting with a compact design.
Tec-Vent – a specialist flame retardant AAV.
Maxi-Filtra – a practical two-way vent for external drainage systems.

For further information about our drainage solution for drains smells and odours, please refer to our product guides and instruction sheets, contact us today, or visit Studor’s website. *

*not including the Handi-Vent 4