Standards & Approvals

European Standards

Manufactured by the market leader, ByStudor products comply with relevant European standards. The Handi-Vent 4 and Trap-Vent are both CE marked and AII rated in accordance Slide1with EN 12380. The Tec-Vent and External AAV are both CE marked and AI rated in accordance with EN 12380.

The first European standard EN 12380:2002 to cover the requirements, test methods and evaluation of conformity for Air Admittance Valves (AAVs) for drainage systems installed within buildings (in accordance with European Standard EN 12056-2:2002) was published in December 2002. Having been instrumental in its development, Studor fully embraced the introduction of the standard, which sets the performance requirements for AAVs and how the manufacturer should demonstrate compliance with the standard.

More information about EN 12380 and EN 12056 can be found on Studor’s website:

European Standard EN 12380:2002

European Standard EN 12056-2:2002

Currently there is no European standard relevant to the Maxi-Filtra.


The ByStudor Trap-Vent has received the following approvals:

Australian WaterMark                 WM-22122 

European CE marking to             EN12380

European KEYMARK                   011-7B005

The ByStudor Tec-Vent has received the following approvals:

Australian WaterMark                 WM-22085 

European CE marking to             EN12380

For further advice about standards compliance, approvals, or information about our ventilation drainage products, please view our product range, refer to our product guides and instruction sheets, contact us today, or visit Studor’s website.*

*not including the Handi-Vent 4