ByStudor Trap-Vent™

Combined AAV and Trap for Plumbing Ventilation

The Studor Trap-Vent DesignThe compact ByStudor Trap-Vent is a combined trap with a 50mm water seal and an integral AAV, reducing the need for secondary plumbing ventilating in small fixture groups and replacing conventional S and P traps. The Trap-Vent, previously referred to as the Studor Combi-Siphon, protects the trap seal, stopping bad odours coming from empty traps and eliminating gurgling.

Height adjustable for fully flexible installation and integrating clever self-cleaning, the ByStuThe Studor Trap-Vent Classicor Trap-Vent is suitable for bathrooms and shower rooms, providing the ideal solution for problem solving in new builds, as well as refurbishments.

The ByStudor Trap-Vent is available in three versions, each suitable for different installation locations and budgets:

  • COMPACT: The basic combined AAV and trap, provided in white ABS. Perhaps more suitable for under the sink applications where the trap will not be on show.
  • CLASSIC: A superior version of the COMPACT Trap-Vent with an out
    er white cladding, perfect for complementing white bathroom suites.
  • DESIGN: An enhanced version of the CLASSIC Trap-Vent with the outer cladding in a polished chrome-plate finish, giving any plumbing installation a luxurious appearance.

Benefits and features of the ByStudor Trap-Vent:

  • Easily installed with no specialist skills required, saving overall installation costs.
  • Replaces extensive vent piping, saving costs in material and installation.
  • Highly styled, enabling installation in environments where aesthetics are of high importance.
  • Has a high grade of self-cleaning capacity.
  • Eliminates siphonage noise in the drainage system; 20dB noise reduction compared to conventional trap systems.
  • CE marked and AII rated to EN12380.The Studor Trap-Vent Compact

Installation Information:

The ByStudor Trap-Vent fits all brands of UK 32mm plastic pipe with the components provided as standard. An additional washer is available upon request for installation with metal pipe (please email if required).

Produced by Studor, the only specialist manufacturer of drainage ventilation products, the Trap-Vent comes with a lifetime warranty.

For further information about the ByStudor Trap-Vent, please refer to our product guides and instruction sheets, contact us today, or visit Studor’s product page.